Runaway Train – Using Collaborative Practice to De-Rail High Conflict Court Cases

TIME: 3:30 p.m.

LOCATION: To be announced – refreshments to follow

Presented by an interdisciplinary team of collaborative professionals (lawyers, financial & family neutrals) – The session explores the emerging phenomenon of court-sponsored files being moved out of litigation process into collaborative process, with or without conditions and court-supervision.  The session will offer insights into screening to assess whether a file is a good candidate for conversion and its potential ‘fit’ within collaborative process.   The session outlines the issues the advisors and clients will want to consider when existing court files are converted to collaborative process, transitional issues as neutrals are introduced to the process, helpful procedural decisions as well as the use of a carefully crafted (non-standard) Participation Agreement.

Refreshments will be served following the session.  Come join your  York & Durham  colleagues in a ‘welcome back from summer’ learning and re-connection event.

(NOTE:  This program qualifies for 1 hour social and 1 of your 6 substantive hours)