Nicolle Kopping-Pavars

Nicolle was a practicing family law lawyer and mediator for 25 years (South Africa and Canada) and now advocates for Mental health by providing programming that enhances skills that delivers balance and peacemaking processes to individuals who are keen on finding peace in their lives.

Nicolle is a coach with the LSO CAN (Coaching and Advisor Network) as well as a Decision Coach for families going through a separation transition. She acts as a knowledge broker to guide her clients through the overwhelming legal process and breaks down information being shared from a legal and emotional perspective.

Nicolle is a passionate advocate for Trauma Awareness and Responsiveness being recognized as an integral part of any system where emotion arises and she is a certified Mindfulness Instructor and meditation teacher.

Nicolle has written a handbook on Mindfulness as well as an accompanying Mindfulness Deck of Cards that provide daily mindful tips, quotes and lessons to guide each day. Nicolle presents workshops and training on Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence both locally and internationally and she is a teacher on InsightTimer a global meditation app.