Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long has been practicing family law for almost 20 years and has experience in almost all aspects of family law. After years of litigation and representing clients via the more traditional adversarial system, Jennifer knew there had to be a better way to resolve family law disputes. She therefore became a certified collaborative lawyer in 2016 and has never looked back.

Since then, Jennifer tends to focus her practice primarily on resolving family law disputes by utilizing the collaborative law team approach. By focusing on separated partner’s ultimate goals and interests rather than approaching a matter in the highly combative, traditional adversarial system, and especially with the benefits of a team of experts – financial expert, parenting/family expert and lawyers –  separating partners have far more assistance, and control over the outcome. Outcomes can be tailored to each family’s unique needs. 

No two families are the same, and the collaborative approach recognizes this and allows for creativity and respectful, child focused negotiations. Jennifer practices as a senior lawyer with Gelman & Associates and does offer free 30 minute consultations for any client interested in learning about the collaborative family law process. Jennifer regularly represents clients in Durham, as well as all throughout the GTA.