Donna Babbs

I am a lawyer with 30+ years’ experience who operates a settlement-only law practice. My goal is to obtain positive outcomes for clients while reducing stress, delays, and legal expenses mainly through collaborative negotiations and the collaborative process. Collaborative cases are about helping couples find common ground and work through areas of disagreement constructively. 

Collaborative lawyers have specialized training which enhances their ability to help clients achieve a settlement. The likelihood of resolution is advanced and legal costs are reduced when neutral financial professionals and family professionals are involved. Aside from enjoying the opportunity of helping people resolve cases and working with other collaborative professionals, I enjoy the challenge of learning new technology to make my law practice more user-friendly for my clients. I offer clients the ability to work with a new online platform which streamlines the exchange of financial information and documents and allows clients and professionals to work together more effectively. I have offices in Whitby and Peterborough and am happy to meet with clients virtually.