Angela Princewill

I am the founder of AP Lawyers, a trained and experienced mediator, and an enthusiastic collaborative lawyer.
My team at AP Lawyers and I share a vision of making people’s family lives better and collaborative family law helps in keeping with that vision.
I recognize that my clients come to me at one of the lowest points in their lives and my goal is to help them navigate the legal maze with as little stress as possible.
Having lived and studied Law in 2 different jurisdictions (and continents, actually), I have a unique perspective and appreciation of what may be important to my clients. I recognize that they need not only my knowledge of the applicable Ontario laws, but they also want me to respect the various other socioeconomic considerations that influence the decisions they make in their family law matters.
I am compassionate but also honest. I will be your cheerleader and advocate, but I will also be direct with you. I believe in the golden rule and treat all my clients as I would like to be treated.