Aleksandra Kemper

If you are feeling scared, unsure, or like you do not know where to start with your family law matter, give me a call.

Having witnessed the trauma and damage that often accompanies litigation, and even traditional negotiation-based settlement, I have become a strong advocate for the Collaborative Process. I have practiced exclusively in the area of Family Law since 2012, and recommend this process above all others to my clients.

My goal is to empower my clients through the separation process, by providing them with the information, skills, advocacy, and support needed to make decisions, and successfully navigate through the next chapter of their lives. My approach is empathetic, efficient, and straightforward. I believe in providing clients honest and practical advice, and guiding them so that they can make the important decisions about their own future.

Outside of my practice, I am a mother to three beautiful girls, an avid runner, and a lover of beach destinations.