Peaceful Divorce Through Collaborative Family Law

Divorce Is Painful Enough

All too often, a couple's decision to separate or divorce triggers a courtroom battle which is psychologically, emotionally and financially draining – not just for the spouses, but for their children.

You Can Choose Not To Go To Court

Choose Peaceful Divorce through Collaborative Family Law.

couple choosing peaceful divorce mediation

About Collaborative Practice Durham Region

The Collaborative Family Law Association of Durham Region was formed in 2003 for the purpose of bringing together lawyers from the whole of Durham Region who are interested in practicing collaborative family law.

We became Collaborative Practice Durham Region (CPDR) in 2009, welcoming into our membership financial and mental health professionals who participate in the collaborative team to assist families in their negotiations.

Members of the Group are:

  • Lawyers in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada;
  • Neutral child and family specialists;
  • Financial professionals;
  • Trained in a program of collaborative family law approved by the Group;

Benefits of Resolving Family Law Problems through Collaborative Family Law:

  • Less expensive than in traditional litigation;
  • Less stress for spouses;
  • Less stress for children;
  • Privacy and dignity--no airing of personal matters in a public court;
  • A tailor-made individual plan for settling your case;
  • No waiting for the court's backlog;
  • An ongoing civil relationship with your "ex".

Get Started With Collaborative Family Law in Durham Region

The Members area of our website offers you a list of lawyers trained in and practicing Collaborative Family Law in Durham Region. You can contact any member you feel comfortable with to discuss your needs further.